16PF® tailored reporting

Making 16PF outputs work for your specific needs

Our tailored reporting service enables you to customise and adapt any 16PF report to suit your existing business framework or application

16PFOur tailored and customised report services give our customers the flexibility and precision they need to design specific assessments for particular job roles and applications. In particular, the 16PF Competency Report can be adapted to offer compelling insight into those qualities and attributes needed for success in a particular role - using vocabulary and job-relevant descriptions defined by you - to help ensure that managers get the people they need to achieve their objectives, when they need them, every time.

Through our work with clients such as ACCO Brands, Amgen and a leading automotive manufacturer we demonstrate varying degrees of customised assessment and reporting, mapped to existing organisational frameworks and specific business goals. Working closely with clients, we can also use the 16PF instrument to deliver additional value to their programmes, such as the development of tailored interview guides, onboarding tips, and follow-up development.

Three ways to customise the 16PF Competency Report

Streamlined by you

  • Using the Competency Selector on OPPassessment, choose those competencies that are most important for success in your role from the list of 20 in the 16PF Competency Framework. The 16PF Job Profiling Kit can help you narrow down which of the 20 competencies to include.
  • Generate customised 16PF Competency Reports to see how closely candidates match your chosen competency model.
  • This tailoring service is free of charge and also enables you to brand reports with your company logo.

Customised by OPP

  • Provide us with details of your required competencies and we’ll create a bespoke report by mapping the 16PF competencies to your framework, and using your organisation’s vocabulary.

Totally tailored by OPP

  • Work with our consultants to identify the optimal report content for your objectives and audience. We’ll draw from a wider range of material than that used by the 16PF Competency Report, and incorporate original content where required.

How we develop customised 16PF Competency Reports

16PF process graphic

Call us on +44 (0)1865 404500 to discuss tailored reporting in more detail or for information on the pricing structure for each option.